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Con il marchio Wi-Smart Consumer, Hygie Italia, si occupa di gestione ed ottimizzazione energetica  degli immobili destinati  sia alla produzione, sia al terziario che all’abitazione mediante l’installazione di sensori  in grado di rilevare ciclicamente ed in modo completamente automatico diverse grandezze legate ai consumi energetici, alla presenza di persone ed ai  parametri ambientali. I dati raccolti vengono inviati ad un sistema di immagazzinamento e di elaborazione che, mediante algoritmi appositamente studiati, è in grado di inviare agli utilizzatori  degli “alert” destinati ad ottimizzare i proprii comportamenti  consentendo un notevole risparmio nella gestione energetica degli immobili.



Amm. delegato Pier Teresio TURINO

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En France comme à l’international APRC conjugue savoir-faire constructeur, conception immobilière et assurance qualité.

Pour mieux répondre aux typologies de vos projets, APRC Group est structuré selon quatre pôles d’expertise :

 Logistique & tertiaire

 Industriel & agroalimentaire

 Commerce & distribution

 Montage d’opérations immobilières


APRC Group : 63, quai Charles de Gaulle - 69006 Lyon - France


The Mazzetti family began its business of distilling in the heart of the Monferrato fifteen years before Italy was unified and more than 50 years before the creation of the first Fiat car. In the same region, Piedmont, from which these two important events took place, Filippo Mazzetti (1816-1855) in 1846 founded in Montemagno his first distillery for the production of Grappa. In those days the skins, the raw material for the production of Grappa, were primarily considered a material deficit in the process production of wine by many winemakers, they often were not kept and selected the best, as now happens to be distilled to perfection.

They say that Filippo, and after him his son Luigi, often used to regret that he wasted of this noble material which instead could be ennobled, making it a valuable and unique distillate: Grappa.

While this was very tiring and time consuming at first, over the years, Filippo and then his son Luigi (1842-1911) who in the meantime moved the expanded distillery to Altavilla Monferrato, learned to know and appreciate the distillates obtained from the pomace of different areas of the Monferrato. While gradually their distillation technique was improving, they discovered the immense sensory heritage hidden in the folds of our land and its grapes.

With the advent of the new century, the Distillery Mazzetti d’Altavilla grew ever stronger as a production indelibly marked by his adherence to tradition and became with Felice (1902-1981), and then Franco (1931-2015), one of the most prestigious distilleries, awardered both in Italy and abroad.

Now Cesare, Nicoletta and Giorgio, the sixth generation, is pleased to present, after 170 years since those first trips of Filippo, their enviable collection of single grape Grappas, all of Piedmont.

The grape varieties of these individuals, artfully distilled in copper stills with discontinuous method in steam, and the passion of the family are the only ingredients of Grappa Mazzetti d’Altavilla, who, from the traditional to the most refined and aged are, like those produced by Filippo, representative of all the scents, the biodiversity and traditions of our land: Monferrato and the Piedmont.


Mazzetti D’Altavilla srl Viale Unità D’Italia 2 - 15041 Altavilla Monferrato (AL)

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MACARIO - Retro Drink !

In the Fifties, at Macario family, during summer afternoons, grandmother Vittoria used to prepare refreshing drinks for adults and children. Ingredients were simple and natural, with unforgettable flavours, and the taster was always pleased. Macario family then decided to start a small homemade production, to allow other people to taste the good drinks created by grandmother Vittoria. For some years the business went well and gained in popularity towards the consumers, but the senior founder suddendly had to quit the business. The legend of that adventure, along with the memory of his grandmother and her recipes, nowadays has drawn one of the grandsons to restart this project, by maintaining the same spirit of those times.


Classic Soda, Tonic Water, Chinotto, Red Orange, Lemonade, Mint Tea: the specialties that are now being offered to the consumers maintain the taste and the freshness of the past and are now produced with advanced equipment and methods, in the full respect of the food industry rules.